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Gene Burnett

Lawrence Businessman, Philanthropist

Liberty Memorial High School




Gene was a long time Lawrence Businessman and Philanthropist. His nomination begins "Gene Burnett has made major contributions to the community of Lawrence, the University of Kansas and people of the United States of America and humans all over the world".

He established Midwest Manufacturing, later renamed Burnett Instrument Company which eventually manufactured disposable surgical instruments, a godsend to countries that did not have the ability to sterilize medical instruments.

He collaborated with LHS to provide on-the-job training for students. This provided valuable experience for the students and created jobs in the community for young people.

Through the years, he served on numerous boards and received countless awards for his service and contributions to the community.

He and his wife, Barbara were the primary funders of the Barbara and Gene Burnett Burn Center at KU Med Center.

Gene Burnett
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