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Max Rife

Lawrence High School Coach, Teacher, Administrator



Max is not a graduate of Lawrence High but spent 35 years at LHS.

Max moved to Lawrence in 1956 as head basketball coach, where he became the· basketball coach with the most wins in LHS history including many league championships. He coached and taught history at Lawrence High School until named Associate Principal in 1968, serving in this capacity until his retirement in 1991.

Most people who have ever been involved with LHS whether they be former students, teachers or parents of students knew him just by his first name, Max.

As a coach, Max's enthusiasm and determination inspired his athletes to succeed on and off the court. This influence is reflected in the many calls and letters he has received throughout the years. Because of his long tenure and service as coach and administrator at Lawrence High School, he was inducted into the Lawrence High School Hall of Honor in 2005.

Max Rife loved Lawrence High and (for the most part) Lawrence High loved Max Rife. He truly enjoyed the challenge of interacting with teenagers. For 35 years, Max counseled, disciplined, kidded, mentored and lovingly hassled the youth of Lawrence.

Max made thousands of students he impacted believe they were important. They knew they had a friend who sincerely liked them for the person they were.

Max Rife
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