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Rick Morris

Federal and Municipal Firefighter

Lawrence High School




Rick Morris grew up in Lawrence; Following his graduation from LHS in 1971, at the age of 18, he began his career as a firefighter in the Air Force. His career as a Federal Firefighter continued for 32 years.

During that time, he achieved a degree in industrial safety, associate in fire science engineering, and certifications as fire official 4, inspector 3, and instructor 3. He also earned his certification as crash rescue firefighter, and a hazmat technician as well as a paramedic.

He is a recognized specialist federal and municipal firefighter.

While in the military he fought forest fires all over North America and at the scene of the Oklahoma City bombing and at the Pentagon following the terrorist attacks of 911.

In 2003 he ended his career in the military and signed on as a civilian contractor working as a firefighter in Iraq. He became the first Chief of American firefighters in Bagdad's Green Zone and supervised firefighters in nearby cities.

Later he was transferred to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey in time to prepare for President Bush's visit and the NATO summit.

In 2007 he assisted relief efforts in Greensburg, KS following a tornado that destroyed the entire town.

Rick Morris
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